Quality finishing is the key to any job. Formation Marine GRP is able to provide a finishing service in a variety of different areas.  Whether your boat requires painting, varnishing or gel coat repair, it always requires a high level of finishing. The Company is well equipped, with 20 years experience working with GRP and other paint products, to deal with projects that require a high finish.


If your yacht has a paint finish it will at some time require re-painting. The colour and finish of the paint is probably the boldest visual aid you have to show off the curves and line of your boat.  Modern paint systems actually do a better job of protecting the topsides than gel coat but will require repainting approximately every seven years. Often, boat owners are unable to spend the large sums of money required to have their vessel placed in a specialist yard for respray but feel it is a task too daunting to take on themselves.  The key to achieving a superb paint finish is preparation.  Formation Marine GRP can provide the expertise and offer a high quality preparation service, on site at your yard.  If your yard only allows you to brush and not spray finish your boat we can at least ensure that the topcoat is still being applied to a completely flat primed surface. Alternatively, Formation Marine GRP is equipped to spray finish vessels on site if permission from the yard owner is granted.  No matter which paint system is most suited to your needs, we can offer the attention to detail that will achieve the most from the product.

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