Maintaining the gel coat of your vessel is of utmost importance if you wish to avoid the expense and heartache of water damage such as osmosis. Older gel coats absorb water to a higher degree than newer ones.  Small areas of damage from things such as pontoons, mooring chains or fenders can expose your boat to these problems. Small fractures, cracks and chips can be repaired quite simply if dealt with quickly. Formation Marine GRP offers a mobile service covering the whole Cornish coast, where this work can be carried out on or off the water.

With a wide range of gel pigments it is normally possible for us to match your existing gel colour. Gel colours change with age, so just using a colour supplied by the boat manufacturer is not normally enough to match correctly. We have the experience of colour matching pigments, including whites, to stand the best chance of making the repair disappear.

 If the gel coat is looking tired we can provide a complete polishing service. A build up of waterline scratches encourages discolouration and the build up of algae.  A quick polish before the start of the season will not eliminate this returning before time. In addition to our polishing service we can refinish the waterline area, especially important for those who wish to race. A combined process of filling and cutting, the gel surface can be restored.  Working this area before polishing will really make a difference to the effectiveness and performance of the polish. If you want to avoid repeated topside/waterline scrubs in the marina, when you should be sailing the Cornish coast this service could make all the difference to you.


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