Quality finishing is the key to any job. Formation Marine GRP is able to provide a finishing service in a variety of different areas.  Whether your boat requires painting, varnishing or gel coat repair, it always requires a high level of finishing. The Company is well equipped, with 20 years experience working with GRP and other paint products, to deal with projects that require a high finish.


Keeping wood protected from the harsh environment of our coastal waters can seem like an uphill battle. Wood expands and contracts as it absorbs and releases moisture. This constant movement eventually causes the varnish to crack. In addition to this, on external wood, UV rays from the sun also attack the varnish. This is how staining appears on the wood underneath the varnish. Trying to tackle this yourself and giving it the time it really needs to achieve a professional finish, for many, is impossible. To achieve a truly deep gloss often requires at least eight coats and as many as twelve. We can take this chore away from you and give you the piece of mind that the wood on your boat will be properly protected. This will not only enhance the look of your boat but can also maintain the value of the boat. Work can be either carried out at your yard, or items such as tillers, rudders and washboards can be worked on at our workshop. By doing this we can apply many coats of varnish that can be refinished in between coats giving a very flat high quality finish.  Alternatively we can refurbish items in a spray finish using single pack, 2K polyurethane or epoxy yacht paints. With the correct materials and our expertise we can offer you a high gloss finish that is both tough and professional, and will transform the wood on your vessel.

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